Bon Prix

Founded in 2005,, an online catalogue, has been bringing women of all sizes and shapes amazing fashion items at very affordable prices. While the online retailer mainly stocks women fashion products, you can also get a variety of men and kids’ items which include footwear and clothes. At present, all new customers receive a 25% discount and free next day delivery on their first order.

What is their APR rate?

Like many similar catalogues available today, Bonprix has a representative 34.9 percent APR rate. This APR is variable and is much lower than what other online retailers have. Besides, you also have multiple payment options to choose from, which gives you control on how you pay for your items.

How do I become a customer?

Becoming a Bon prix customer is simple. Visit and open an account. The sign-up page will walk you through all the steps required to set up your account. Once you have set up an account, you can browse items and select what you want to buy. Drop the items on the online basket and click on it to complete your order.

Their payment options and terms

Bon prix allows customers multiple ways to pay for their products. Full payments are made using credit or debit cards at checkout whether the order has been placed via phone or online. However, with a personal account, you have more flexibility. You can pay online, through your phone, via direct debit, through internet banking, or by cheque. Note that the online retailer also allows you to spread costs so you can pay in monthly installments.

What can I buy?

At Bon prix, you can buy women, men, and kids’ fashion products including footwear and clothes. The retailer has a vast collection of clothes including dresses, jackets, shirts, jeans, swimwear, sportswear, and knitwear. They also stock various accessories like belts, wallets, jewelry, watches, scarves, et cetera.