Sunshine Mobile

Not exactly a catalogue but if you want a mobile phone contract for mobiles such as the latest Samsung Galaxy or iPhone model but your below-than-average credit score is getting in the way? Well, with Sunshine Mobile, you stand a chance to get it no matter how bad your credit history is.

SunshineMobile is a U.K company that offers mobile phone contracts with absolutely no credit history checks. This means that even individuals with the poorest credit score are 100 percent guaranteed to be accepted for a phone contract. Unlike other Networks, Sunshine Mobile looks at a customer’s credit future, not their credit history.

How do I become a customer?

Becoming a Sunshine Mobile customer is simple. Visit their website at and create an account. Choose the phone you want from their extensive range of handsets, and proceed to finish your application.

How does the company work?

After choosing your ideal mobile phone, you will be required to join the company’s network for just 12 weeks by selecting one of their amazing starter packages (SIM only or SIM plus Start phone package). After three months of making regular payments and proving that you can be a good customer, Sunshine Mobile will dispatch your new handset directly to you.

What are their payment terms?

Sunshine Mobile has no strict payment terms. In fact, it is one of the mobile Networks with the most flexible payment plans. The company recently came up with a new Flexible Payment Plan which allows customers to set the date they would like their contracts to start. The plan also lets them to re-schedule future payments. This way, the customer is in complete control of when to pay. Payments can be made using credit or debit cards.

What mobile phones can I get?

As mentioned earlier, you can get any handset including the latest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models. Some of the handsets the company offers include;

• Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy Note 9
• Galaxy S9, Galaxy S8 Plus Galaxy S9 Plus
• iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7Plus
• iPhone XR
• P20 Pro, among others.