If you have a poor credit history, you will find applying for credit, loans, or even getting some goods and services can be very difficult. Lenders will look at your credit history and reject your application because a poor credit spells danger for them. However, luckily for you, today, many bad credit catalogues have emerged, and they are benefiting people with poor credit histories in many ways.

A bad credit catalogue offers a shopper a way to get products and services without having to pay full prices at once. The catalogue gives you a range of payment options including being able to spread the costs over several weeks or months. Most bad credit catalogues are not very much concerned about the shopper’s credit history. So you can get goods even with a not-so-good credit score.

Apart from getting products on credit, bad credit catalogues come with many other benefits. In this article, we have picked the top ten reasons you should consider opening an account with a trusted and reputable bad credit catalogue today.

The Top 10 Reasons to Use a Bad Credit Catalogueue

1. Simple application process

Unlike with traditional catalogues, opening an account with a bad credit catalogue is very simple. You only need to over 18 years old, have some regular income, have a bank account, and a permanent address history. The application process itself is very simple.

2. The decision is made in minutes

Once you have filled the online application form and submitted, bad credit catalogues usually give their decision within minutes. This isn’t the case with traditional catalogues. You can start shopping immediately your application gets approved.

3. Guaranteed approval

Today, many bad credit catalogues guarantee approval. Even with the poorest credit history, you are sure to get approved. These catalogues also accept shoppers that don’t have a credit history at all. However, it is important to note that the catalogues limit the shopping they approve shoppers for so that they can avoid defaults.

4. A wide range of items

Contrary to common belief, bad credit catalogues actually sell everything you can find on a traditional online store. They stock a wide range of items including electronic appliances, clothing, shoes, home décor stuff, furniture, et cetera. But again, many of these catalogues put a cap or some limit as to how much customers can buy, for instance, up to $1000. Some provide higher or lower limits. This is also meant to avoid defaults.

5. You get interest-free periods

With increased competition for customers, many bad credit catalogues are now offering shoppers interest-free periods. While, of course, some interests apply after these periods elapse, it is possible to avoid the interests by paying off the costs within the interest-free period. Most catalogues offer three-month interest-free periods. So if you, for instance, purchased goods worth $700, you’ll have 90 days to pay the whole amount so wouldn’t incur the interest.

In addition, bad credit catalogue accounts have no penalties for pre-payments either. Over time, these catalogues can extend the financial accounts. As long as you continue paying your bills promptly, your financial reputation will improve, and you’ll earn more shopping opportunities, as well as, chances to improve your credit history.

6. You can easily improve your credit score

A bad credit catalogue provides you with a fantastic opportunity to rebuild your credit history. They give you products on credit and allow you to pay in installments over several months or weeks. This way, they are offering you the opportunity to prove that you are a responsible customer able to pay your bills regularly and promptly. Not missing payments and paying on time will gradually improve your credit score.

If you’re currently fighting through various delinquencies, signing up with a reputable bad credit catalogue, purchasing goods and making payments on time is a great way to start rebuilding your financial reputation back up.

7. You get to choose which catalogue to sign up with

You have a wide range of bad credit catalogues to choose from, each offering a variety of goods and services. Many of these catalogues stock a full range of products, but there are some that have specific products. So you have the opportunity to compare these catalogues and choose one that is right for you. It doesn’t matter what your needs are; you’re sure to find a bad credit catalogue that you can use.

8. You can spread the costs

With a bad credit catalogue, you do not have to pay the full amount for your items at checkout. As mentioned earlier, these catalogues allow shoppers to spread the costs over several months or weeks. They offer a range of payment options, and you get to choose one that will best work for you. With spread costs, payment is easier. So you can buy an expensive item and pay for it in small monthly or weekly installments.

9. You do not have to save in advance to buy an expensive item

Saving up to buy an expensive item can be quite difficult, especially when there is always something else that needs to be done. Instead of unsuccessfully trying to save money to purchase a product, why not just get it on a bad credit catalogue, spread the cost and comfortably pay in small installments?

Also, sometimes you need an item urgently, but you don’t have enough money to get it. A bad credit catalogue offers an easy way around this. You can immediately get the item you want and pay for it later.

10. Bad credit catalogues have various incentives

There are several bad credit catalogues today, and this means that there is stiff competition for customers. In a bid to get customers to open accounts with them, the catalogues offer a range of incentives including huge discounts, coupons, promotions, and deals. In addition, many of them offer customers free deliveries. Signing up with a bad credit catalogue can be a great way to save a lot of money.

It turns out that even with a poor credit score or not credit history, there are many ways to benefit from signing up with a bad credit score. The most important, however, is that you get the opportunity to rebuild your credit score. So sign up today with a trustworthy credit catalogue and start enjoying these benefits.