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Choosing the right catalogue for bad credit for you can be a tricky process. Not only do you need a catalogue that offers the type of goods you want to buy, you also need one that offers the credit terms that suit your budget. Some catalogues operate on a “buy now, pay later” principle while still others are pay weekly catalogues or pay monthly catalogues.

The most obvious thing to start with is to find a catalogue that supplies the kind of thing you want to buy. For instance, if you need a new laptop you won’t find it in a catalogue that specialises in women’s clothing. However, you probably will find it in a catalogue that sells electrical goods. You will probably also find it in something like the BrightHouse catalogue which sells just about everything you would wish for short of a Boeing 747.

Best Bad Credit Catalogue For Women’s Fashion?

If you’re looking to buy clothing then FashionWorld is a good choice, especially if you’re after women’s clothing. They stock items such as jeans, dresses, skirts, coats, jackets, shoes, lingerie and accessories too. If you’re a man, don’t worry, they also stock a range of clothing for men too. FashionWorld also stock electrical applicances, home and garden items, gifts and items for children too. You can spread the cost with a credit account and have upto 14 days to try before you buy.

Best Bad Credit Catalogue For Men’s Fashion?

Aimed specifically at men Jacamo offers a range of casual and smart clothing for the guys. There are a big number of branded items available with many in sizes which are exclusive to Jacamo. You can also shop for shoes, gifts and items for the home including electrical’s and gadgets. Next day delivery available.  You can spread the cost with a credit account and have upto 14 days to try before you buy.

Best Catalogue For Really Bad Credit Rating?

I have listed a number of catalogues for bad credit on the home page, but out of them all, the catalogue which has the highest approval rate is BrightHouse. No matter what your circumstances, BrightHouse will consider your application. You can spread the cost on weekly payments and can even make payments in-store using their hundreds of high street shops spread across the UK. BrightHouse tend to specialise in appliances, electronics and furniture. So if you’re looking for a new TV, mobile phone, laptop, oven, fridge or bed, then they are the best place to go. A good thing about this company is that if you order say a washing machine, they will not only deliver it to your door, they will install it for you too. Great!


When you have found a catalogue that supplies what you need, or several catalogues, you then have to decide which one offers the right credit terms for you and also whether you are getting the best price. This will depend partly on your credit rating because if your credit rating is poor or bad you may either not be offered credit at all, or if you are it may be at a very high interest rate. Naturally, if you are offered a high interest rate it will be your choice as to whether or not you accept it.

It rather depends how badly you need the goods. If you are desperate for a new laptop you will probably accept any terms offered. If you are a bit more relaxed about it and have a little flexibility about repayments you’ll either go for the product offered at the lowest price or the one with the lowest interest rate. In this case you will need to look at the overall cost. If you can afford higher monthly repayments you will usually find that the shorter the term the less you will pay overall. So, for example, repayments over twelve months will be higher than twenty four months but the total repayment will be less.

Buying Items Using A Catalogue Credit Account

There are a number of benefits of buying on credit. The most obvious is that you can get what you need when you need it rather than having to wait and save up. However, if you keep up your payments on a regular basis this will improve your overall credit score which is very useful if you want to make a larger purchase down the line. A lender will be able to see that you have kept up your payments and will be more likely to offer you future credit.

Indeed, some people deliberately obtain credit on small items knowing they can afford the repayments so that they can make a larger purchase later. However, this only applies to companies like Littlewoods who require a credit check in the first place. They then make regular reports about your payments to the major credit reporting agencies. Catalogues will report to the agencies if you make a late payment so your credit score will not be affected positively.

Paying weekly can also be something of a pain, particularly if you are paid monthly. It is far easier to have your monthly outgoing payments arranged for a couple of days after you get your pay cheque rather than having a situation where you might have to make a weekly payment a couple of days before you get your pay cheque.

There are many advantages to buying products through catalogues, not the least of which is that if you need something urgently like a new fridge because the old one has broken you can get it with a minimum of fuss and without having to find a lump sum when you can least afford it. You can buy that new sofa and pay £10 a week. You can get all of the kids “back to school” essentials even when you don’t have the money right now.

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a pay monthly catalogue. Some of the bigger names are Fashion World, Brighthouse and JD Williams.

Premier Man, as you would imagine, offers men’s clothing and fashions while Marisota is largely for women, including plus sizes up to 32, although it does have a furniture and textiles section.

If the economy means that you have had to tighten your belt a little and that you need things that you cannot afford to pay for in a lump sum then a pay monthly catalogue is a very good option.