iPads: Pay Weekly, Pay Monthly & Bad Credit Options

For some, owning an Apple iPad is paramount for their jobs. In contrast, others might be looking for a gadget to further their hobbies, such as graphic design, or for mobility when working on personal projects.

Whatever the reason, buying an iPad with all the accessories you need, such as the original apple pencil and a smart-keyboard folio cover, can be pretty expensive.

Are alternative solutions available for buying an iPad mini, iPad Air, or iPad Pro? Let's explore some of the best options for getting your gadget with all the necessary accessories.

Can I Pay Weekly for an iPad?

Obtaining an iPad of your choice does not have to be a distant dream anymore. You can get the latest generation iPad with flexible payment methods, including weekly payments. Weekly payment options are available with certain vendors in-house, whereas you can get custom-built solutions from credit providers.

You can buy that all-new 6th gen iPad Mini or the iPad Air with the M1 chip, just like the iPad Pro that began using this technology from its previous generation. If your financial circumstances allow you to pay weekly, this payment plan could help free up your budget for many iPad accessories you might need.

Can I Pay Monthly for an iPad?

One of the most common finance options for tech gadgets like the Apple iPad requires monthly payments. Apple product vendors do offer monthly payments, as well as most credit services nationwide. At the same time, the iStore could provide an iPad alongside a first-generation Apple pencil and magic keyboard for an affordable monthly instalment.

Monthly payment options are primarily subject to credit score checks and affordability criteria. Therefore, you might not be able to pay monthly with regular credit avenues if your credit score does not satisfy the lender's criteria.

Can I Buy an iPad Now Pay Later?

Let's say you have laid eyes on an iPad you'd like to buy and its limited stock. Can you take it home and settle the amount later? Definitely! There are buy now, pay later options available nationwide for an iPad, wherever you can buy with a Mastercard.

All you have to do is find a credit service provider with a payment plan for an iPad that is agreeable to you. Some offer 6-week payment periods, and others might have different terms. The best part is that you can cover accessories such as a smart-keyboard folio cover or Apple pencil with most buy now pay later options

Are There No Credit Check Options Available?

If you have bad credit, no credit check options are available, but any financial hiccups or a minor score should not hinder you from purchasing an iPad you like. That's why some financing options are available in-house from several vendors nationwide.

Alternatively, there are no credit check loans that you can take out separately to get your iPad mini, iPad Air or iPad Pro with the accessories you need. So there is no need to settle for mediocre gadgets like the first-generation iPad. Instead, seek credit options that can get you the latest generation iPad.

What If I Have Bad Credit?

There are so many iPad features that you can enjoy even though you've got bad credit. Financing options prioritising affordability over credit checks are the best bet for obtaining an iPad. If you can prove that you're full-time employed or have a stable income stream, these credit options can help you buy Apple devices of your preference, including an iPad.

That could be a game-changer and even improve your credit score as time goes on. For people that need tablet computers for work, buying a new iPad with a Smart keyboard despite a bad credit score could provide tremendous benefits and boost their careers in the long run.

Are Rent-To-Own Options Available?

In addition to lenders that borrow individuals deemed as high-risk due to their credit score, rent-to-own options are available to someone who wants an iPad. However, the iPad and accessories remain under the vendor's ownership until the last agreed-upon instalment.

Failure to complete the payment cycle will void the agreement, and the gadget under this payment plan should get returned to avoid legal action. That is another flexible way to pay off your iPad over the stipulated period. Unlike other credit options, rent-to-own usually does not require credit or affordability checks.

Can I Apply for Finance?

Depending on where you buy your Apple iPad, there might be in-house finance options to apply for a device. The application will be subject to any credit assessments deemed necessary by the vendor. Fortunately, some stores offer flexible finance options.

Apple iPad stores could offer credit lines for weekly or monthly payments. However, some stores have stricter application procedures that require credit checks, whereas others could grant individuals with inadequate credit financial assistance.

Stores To Buy an IPad On Credit?

Finding stores with the perfect credit options could make getting your iPad easier. So what are some of the best stores to buy an iPad on credit? Here are a few reputable stores that can provide financial assistance for getting the latest generation iPad with a smart keyboard, the second generation Apple pencil and other accessories you might need.

Hughes Rental

Hughes is one of the most reputable suppliers that offer flexible payment methods for Apple products. So what is there to know about this company?

Who are they?

The full name for this company is Hughes Rental, which focuses primarily on rent-to-own options. You can find the best deal from this company with flexible weekly payment options. All product pricing structures get designed with affordability in mind.

One of the best features of Hughes Rental is that they offer free repairs covered under their warranty. Therefore, you don't have to worry about having a non-functional iPad with weak battery life or other issues.

What do they sell?

Hughes Rental has a diverse product range, including everything from electronics to home and garden decor. This store also offers deals on large appliances and electronic accessories you might be looking for at home.

The online store has the latest iPad mini, iPad Pro, and iPad pro generations.

What is the APR rate?

Since this is a rent-to-own store, you are not subject to the terms applicable to traditional lines of credit. Therefore, there is no APR rate, and all instalments are calculated at a fixed rate until you have settled the total quoted price. That makes the rent-to-own option quite affordable compared to other credit options, especially for people with bad credit.

How to order

Ordering from Hughes Rental is straightforward. This store has an easy-to-use interface with functional eCommerce product pages. You can add items to your cart and then checkout.

Upon checkout, provide the required details and follow the prompts to get your iPad delivered. You must then pay the quoted weekly price on time until you've settled the entire amount.

How to obtain credit

Some clients might qualify for PayPal credit as an alternative to the primary option of renting to own. Fortunately, Hughes accepts this form of payment, and it is a great flexible payment plan for buying an iPad.

This credit line is subject to PayPal terms and conditions. However, this could be a great way to pay off this device if you qualify.

What are the payment terms?

Hughes has weekly rent-to-own payment options that require a small amount each week to pay off the device. When using the alternative financing option, the payment terms get determined by PayPal's Flexi-pay agreement. Ensure that you go through these third-party credit terms beforehand to avoid any issues with your lending history.


Studio.co.uk is one of the longest-standing eCommerce platforms that offer flexible payment plans. So what makes this online store a convenient option for buying an iPad on flexible payment terms?

Who are they?

Amongst the most popular options for flexible payment terms, Studio comes highly recommended. This online service is a powerful eCommerce platform that offers excellent value to customers.

Studio.co.uk offers its vast experience in simplifying consumer credit. As a consumer, you shouldn't expect any hassles when buying products that qualify for flexible payment terms on this platform.

What do they sell?

This store has earned its bragging rights for being one of the best in business due to its diverse range of products. You can get different Apple products from this online store. Studio.co.uk has affordable options for the 6th gen iPad mini and several offers for the iPad Pro range.

You can pair off your new iPad with any desired accessories on this platform. While you're at it, there are other helpful tech gadgets and even household items offered by Studio.

What is the APR rate?

The calculated APR rate for purchasing on Studio represents a 39.9% APR variable. However, this rate is subject to any credit risk factors posed by each applicant.

How to order

One of the most remarkable features of this eCommerce platform is the simplified checkout experience. For example, you can check whether your order qualifies for finance at the checkout. In addition, upon checkout, users can use their store account for flexible payment options.

How to obtain credit

There is no need to fill out lengthy forms to obtain credit for your iPad. All that's needed is critical personal information filled in online. In addition, as mentioned above, the Buy Now Pay Later option is available upon checkout.

Even new customers can checkout using the Buy Now Pay Later option by signing up online for an account.

What are the payment terms?

Dependent on the value of your purchase, you can pay off the credit over several months. The minimum payment period is six months. You can then pay off the debt in 9 to 12 months. Once the plan expires, you will get charged a minimal fee depending on payment history and the value of the purchased items.

That offers flexible payment terms that allow you to finish your debt sooner whenever possible.


IPPY is the best solution for users with bad credit. What are some of the offerings provided by this store?

Who are they?

IPPY is one of the best online stores that offer flexible payment methods with guaranteed credit acceptance. The platform provides suitable payment options designed for a wide array of consumers.

What do they sell?

Shoppers can find just about anything ranging from electronics to appliances and furniture. In addition, IPPY has the latest tech gadgets available for sale, including iPads and Apple accessories.

What is the APR rate?

Similarly to most lenders that offer assistance to individuals with minor credit scores, IPPY does not use the normal lending process that involves an APR rate.

How to order

The order process is simplified but has a little human touch that sets it apart from regular eCommerce transactions. That's because an IPPY employee contacts you before your order is processed. Also, the delivery staff helps ensure you are satisfied with the items before departing.

How to obtain credit

IPPY does not require credit checks, bringing their acceptance rate to 100%. However, customers only have to answer a couple of questions after placing their order online or over the phone.

What are the payment terms?

There are different payment methods on IPPY's platform. For example, customers can choose between paying weekly, fortnightly or monthly. That helps employees with differing pay days throughout the month prioritise their payments, preventing any missed or delayed payments.


Amongst one of the best third-party Apple vendors, KRCS is one of the best. Here are more details on why this store is so unique.

Who are they?

KRCS is a tech-centric vendor that offers flexible payment options for some of the most expensive tech gadgets. In addition, they pride themselves on being Apple Premium Resellers with Apple-certified repairs on faulty devices.

What do they sell?

You can find high-end tech gadgets on KRCS, including iPad ranges and magic keyboard options. In addition, this store also sells Macs and Macbooks.

What is the APR rate?

KRCS has partnered with Klarna to offer flexible payment options. The APR rate is around 18.9% for orders above £249.00.

How to order

KRCS has a simple eCommerce interface. Add all the items you need to your basket and checkout.

How to obtain credit

The application process gets condensed into three simple steps. First, add the items you want and apply for credit through Klarna before checking out. Afterwards, you will receive confirmation and monthly statements.

What are the payment terms?

Klarna allows monthly payments ranging from 6 to 48 months for all orders above £249.00.