Garden Furniture: Pay Weekly, Pay Monthly & Bad Credit Options

Outdoor furniture can transform a space and make it considerably more welcoming.

Preparing your garden with a rattan garden furniture set, wooden garden furniture set, a garden table and chairs, wooden benches, or swing seats in time for the excellent weather will let you enjoy the fresh air and make large or smaller gardens an extension of your home.

If you like the idea of alfresco dining, investing in an outdoor furniture set or garden dining sets will give you and your family a fantastic alternative to your dining room.

Patio furniture sets make outdoor spaces where your family can gather; with such a wide selection of materials and colours, you are bound to find one to suit your style.

Comfortable chairs and cushions in an outdoor area will provide you with a space to relax and enjoy the sun, watch your kids play, or you will be able to relax in a hammock and make the most of the sunshine.

Using credit to pay for outdoor furniture gives customers the freedom to purchase items as and when they need them. Being able to spread payments over a period that is manageable is an option that many people might have thought was unavailable to them.

People with poor credit ratings will still have a number of options available to them that will allow them to order garden furniture, and you will be able to see a selection of these options below.

Can I Pay Weekly For Garden Furniture?

Buying outdoor furniture can be expensive if you want to find the perfect set to suit your home. Making use of credit facilities to break the payments down into manageable weekly payments can help.

You will have options of paying deposits to reduce the weekly cost, and the weekly price will also be dependent on the length of terms agreed.

Can I Pay Monthly For Garden Furniture?

Like weekly payments, monthly payments for outdoor furniture are an excellent option that helps customers spread the payments and make it a more manageable cost.

Monthly payments are more suitable for those that are paid monthly and want to keep their finances in order.

Can I Buy Garden Furniture Now And Pay Later?

Buying garden furniture on buy now pay later terms can offer the customer more flexibility as they can choose when and how much they pay towards the balance.

Buy now pay later typically works by the customer agreeing to a period of time they have to pay the balance in full. Some companies will offer an interest-free period that allows the customer to clear the balance by an agreed date.

Failure to clear the balance by the agreed date can result in a lump sum of interest being added to the outstanding balance that can then accrue interest at a pre-determined rate.

Are There No Credit Check Options Available?

If you were hoping to buy garden furniture sets on credit but have a poor credit rating, there are no credit check options available. These companies will typically finance their own credit, so they won't need to carry out checks.

What If I Have Bad Credit?

No credit check options are ideal for people with poor credit, and it is also possible for people to start with lower credit limits and gradually improve their credit scores.

Are Rent-To-Own Options Available?

Rent-to-own garden furniture sets work in the same way as traditional credit facilities. The main difference between rent-to-own and regular credit is the ownership of the product, and ownership only transfers to the customer after the full balance has been paid with rent-to-own finance options.

Can I Apply For Finance?

To apply for finance, you will have to meet some criteria, including the minimum age of 18. Some companies might have a maximum age, but this will be advised on their site.

Most UK credit facilities will require the applicant to be a UK citizen for at least two years prior to applying.

Credit checks may be required, and companies may request an affordability check to ensure you are able to keep up with repayments.

Depending on the company providing credit, there may be more terms and conditions, and this information will be provided on-site for potential applicants to check.

Stores To Buy Garden Furniture On Credit 


Who they are?

Since 1962, Studio has been providing its UK customers with their excellent service. The business started out as a mail-order catalogue that sold a number of paper products.

Expansion followed, as did the number of products the online store offers. There are now more than 40,000 products across a number of departments for customers to explore.

As well as the excellent selection of products, Studio also offers flexible payment options.

What do they sell?

Thanks to its extensive range of products and brands, the studio is one of the largest online retailers. Customers are able to browse a selection of categories that include;

  • Garden – You will be able to make the most of your outdoor space all year round with the Studio's great range of garden furniture, lights, storage solutions, sun loungers, and gardening equipment.

  • Home – Studio stocks all the home essentials you will need, including bedroom, dining room, and living room furniture. Their furnishings and appliances will help you to create the home you want.

  • Clothing – Studio offers its own affordable clothing brand, as well as other big-name brands for men's, women's, and children's clothing and footwear. Brands include The North Face, Adidas, Nike, Uner Armour, Berghaus, and more.

  • Electrical – You will find a great selection of state-of-the-art electronics, including TVs, laptops, tablets, Smart Watches, gaming consoles, and more.

  • Health & Beauty – Look and feel great with the Studio range of make-up, hair care products, skincare, and bath items.

  • Jewellery & Gifts – Find the perfect gift for anyone and make it extra special with Studio's personalisation service.

  • Toys – The vast range of toys covers everything from developmental and educational to creative and character-based.

  • Sport & Leisure – Exercise equipment from big-name brands will make it easier for you and your family to stay fit and healthy and enjoy sports.

What is the APR rate?

Representative 39.9% APR variable.

How to order

You will have the choice to pay in full or apply for a credit account when shopping with Studio. The easy-to-browse categories make it simple to find the products you need.

How to obtain credit

You can apply for a credit facility at the checkout. If you are accepted, you will be able to order items up to your credit limit before receiving a monthly statement that will give you a minimum amount due.

You will be able to choose to pay the minimum or clear your balance more quickly by paying more towards it.

What are the payment terms?

Your payment terms and the product's total cost will be clear to you when ordering. You will have to pay the minimum balance on your monthly statement by the agreed date. Alternatively, you can pay in full or pay more than your minimum to reduce the balance and interest due.

Pay Per Week 

Who they are?

Pay Per Week is an excellent option for customers with poor credit histories. This is because they offer flexible payment options without the need for credit checks.

They have a great selection of products to choose from and don't charge interest on the credit.

What do they sell?

Pay Per Week has a great range of products for customers to choose from. There is a wide collection of household essentials, including flooring, beds, sofas, and furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms.

Their great selection of patio furniture and BBQs ensure your outdoor space will be as enjoyable as the indoor.

What is the APR rate?

Pay Per Week offers 0% interest on their credit facilities, so customers know exactly how much they will be paying for items.

How to order

Browse through the great selection of garden furniture at Pay Per Week. When you find the product you want, click on the button that says “Enquire Now”. You will then be able to check the area you live is serviced by Pay Per Week and complete a contact form.

A Pay Per Week representative, will then arrange a home visit within 48 hours where you can speak to a salesperson and place orders.

How to obtain credit

Your sales consultant will be able to arrange your credit facility without carrying out checks.

What are the payment terms?

You will choose between monthly or weekly payments for up to 150 weeks. You will pay a deposit, and the large a deposit that is paid, the lower the repayments will be.


Who they are?

iPPY is a Manchester-based retailer that offers customers a simple way to enjoy the credit. The no-check credit site offers an interest-free finance option for a variety of products.

Not only does iPPY provide customers with a straightforward credit facility, but it also has excellent discounts for repeat customers.

Customers that order for a second time will benefit from a discount of 10%, and orders after this will enjoy an additional 5% discount, all the way up to a final 25% discount.

What do they sell?

iPPY has a great selection of products for customers to choose from. The categories available to browse include;

  • Garden – You and your family will be able to enjoy your garden with the great range of garden furniture, play equipment, hot tubs, swimming pools, and hot tubs. Ensure your garden looks great with their great storage solutions as well.

  • Hair & Beauty – You will find a great array of hair and beauty products at iPPY.

  • Furniture – iPPY has bedroom, dining room, and living room furniture that is perfect for any home.

  • Home Entertainment & Electronics – When it comes to entertainment, iPPY has you covered. Choose from a great selection of TVs, mobile phones, laptops, gaming consoles, audio equipment, and much more.

  • Kitchen Appliances & White Goods – iPPY has a great collection of household essentials, including white goods and kitchen appliances like washing machines, freezers, fridges, kettles, microwaves, and much more.

What is the APR rate?

iPPY credit is interest-free.

How to order

When you browse the iPPY site, you will see the weekly prices and total amounts for each product.

Shop as normal by adding items to your cart and selecting the credit facility. An iPPY team member will contact you to help you with the application form. iPPY has a 100% acceptance rate, so all customers are welcome.

How to obtain credit

The iPPY representative will take you through your credit application quickly and efficiently after you enter your details on the site.

What are the payment terms?

iPPY offers 12-week payment terms, and customers will be able to choose payments between weekly, fortnightly, every four weeks, or monthly.


Who they are?

Philippe de Chanville and Christian Raisson founded ManoMano in 2013 as a way to offer European customers an easy way to find DIY products.

They offer an extensive range of products and credit facilities to ensure everyone can create the home they want.

What do they sell?

The extensive range of products stocked by ManoMano ensures all DIY projects can be completed. The categories include tools, furniture, showers, toilets, heating and plumbing equipment, lighting, electrical, flooring, pet care, kitchen, garden, and outdoors.

To ensure you are able to enjoy your outdoor space as much as your indoor living areas, ManoMano offers a selection of great products, including rattan garden furniture, wooden garden furniture, sun loungers, hammocks, outdoor heating, parasols, swimming pools, garden machinery and equipment, and storage solutions.

What is the APR rate?

Credit at ManoMano is available through PayPal, and three pay-in options are interest-free.

How to order

Shopping with ManoMano is easy. Browse the garden furniture to find the set that you want and add it to your basket. You will then be able to choose your payment method or select a credit option with PayPal.

How to obtain credit

If you select to pay using PayPal Credit, you will be redirected to the PayPal site, where you can log in to an existing account or sign up for a new one.

The pay in three PayPal option is available for orders between £30 and £2,000.

What are the payment terms?

PayPal pays in three splits the balance into three equal payments across three months, with the first instalment payable immediately upon order.