Laptops: Pay Weekly, Pay Monthly & Bad Credit Options

Laptops are often seen as being essential for many people in the UK. They can be used for working, studying, gaming, and much more.

Because of this, laptop storage space will often be a big focus for customers. This is especially true of you who are looking for gaming laptops. Gaming laptops and PC gaming require a lot of storage space and good graphics cards, so they can be more expensive.

Finding a perfectly portable laptop might be a consumer's biggest priority, but the operating system, battery life, screen size, and overall performance will have to be considered.

An Intel Pentium Gold processor will be suitable for those on a budget, with an Intel Core being a good midrange option that is capable of relatively demanding tasks.

The Macbook Air is a good option for video editing, but you will have to consider your budget and credit limit depending on the laptop or tablet you are interested in.

There are lots of excellent credit facilities to help you find the perfect laptop at an affordable price. Whether you need them for work, web browsing, or to study, laptops can make a big difference in your life.

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  • Branded Products
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Stores To Buy Laptops On Credit 

Hughes Rental 

Who they are?

Hughes Rentals is one of the UK's largest home entertainment and kitchen appliance suppliers and boasts a great range of products for customers to explore.

Hughes Rentals has been around for over a century after being launched in 1921 by Frank Hughes. The company is based in Lowestoft and has expanded to serve customers across the UK.

The free delivery, installations, servicing, and repairs available from Hughes Rental make it an attractive option for people looking for the latest products without the responsibility.

What do they sell?

Hughes Rentals has you covered for a vast selection of appliances, including washing machines, tumble dryers, freezers, fridges, dishwashers, cookers, and microwaves.

Their excellent collection of TVs, audio equipment, and consoles will keep you entertained. Anyone on the lookout for tablets, monitors, or laptops is also in luck.

You can browse a great selection of ASUS laptops to find the perfect one for you.

What is the APR rate?

PayPal Credit Representative 21.9% APR (variable).

Klarna Representative APR (variable) 14.9%.

How to order

Browse the selection of laptops at Hughes Rentals until you find the one with the specs that suit your needs. When you find the perfect laptop, click on the “Rent Now” option to apply.

How to obtain credit

You will be able to choose between PayPal Credit and Klarna when paying. When you select the option, you want to use, you will be redirected to their site. If you already have an account, simply sign in and follow the prompts.

Alternatively, you will be able to sign up for an account and apply for the credit facility before being directed back to the Hughes Rental site to complete your transaction.

What are the payment terms?

When searching the Hughes Rental site, you will have the option of looking at weekly or monthly terms. The terms will be shown at the point of purchase, showing how much will be paid and the length of the agreement.


Who they are?

iiPPY is a Manchester-based retailer that offers a great range of products to its customers.

iiPPY does not carry out credit checks and offers interest-free credit with transparent pricing to make it easy for customers to keep on top of their finances.

What do they sell?

iiPPY makes it easy for its customers to furnish their homes with an excellent selection of furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. You will also find an extensive range of essential kitchen appliances and white goods.

iiPPY also has many garden products, hair and beauty items, home entertainment, and electronics.

Customers on the lookout for high-quality Windows laptops will find a great selection of big-name brands, including HP, ASUS, Acer, Lenovo, Dell, and Samsung.

What is the APR rate?

iiPPY charges 0% interest on products purchased with credit.

How to order

You will be able to shop at the iiPPY store as normal. You will see the weekly payment amount on each product to see if it suits your budget.

Add the laptop you like to your basket and select the credit option to apply. An iiPPY team member will then contact you to go through the application.

iiPPY has a 100% acceptance rate for customers, so you will be able to enjoy their interest-free credit facility as soon as the application is processed.

How to obtain credit

With no credit checks and a 100% acceptance rate, enjoying credit with iiPPY is easy. After a team member contacts you, your application will be processed, giving you access to their excellent range of products.

What are the payment terms?

You will spread the payment of your item over 12 weeks, and you will have the choice of making weekly, fortnightly, four weekly, and monthly payments to clear your balance.


Who they are?

HomeSmile is a rent-to-buy retailer that operates across the West Midlands. The areas covered by HomeSMile include Dudley, Wolverhampton, Walsall, and Birmingham.

HomeSmile is a family-run business with over 20 years of credit experience. As part of Estone Personal Credit Limited, customers benefit from both the experienced credit lending facility side of the business, as well as a retailer with a great selection of goods.

As members of the CCA (Consumer Credit Association), HomeSmile give customers peace of mind, knowing they are compliant with the rules and regulations of the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

They offer a range of credit options for customers to explore, ensuring they find the deal that is right for them.

What do they sell?

HomeSmile sells a range of essential household products, including cookers, fridges, dishwashers, dryers, vacuums, and washing machines.

There is also a great selection of furniture and entertainment products, as well as a great choice of laptops, tablets, and computing accessories.

What is the APR rate?

There are different interest rates available for different terms. These include:

  • APR 72.4% – 147 Weeks

  • APR 99.2% – 102 Weeks

  • APR 131.1% – 76 Weeks

  • APR 177.7% – 52 Weeks

  • APR 315.2% 25 Weeks

The full terms and conditions are available to check on-site, and you will have to agree to terms before placing your order.

How to order

You would browse the store as normal and add items to your basket before filling out an application form.

How to obtain credit

By filling out the application form, HomeSmile can then carry out affordability assessments and check your creditworthiness with credit agencies.

What are the payment terms?

You will be able to choose between 25, 52, 76, 102, and 147-week terms. You will be made aware of your weekly repayment amount at the point of order, as well as the interest rate.


Who they are?

Studio is an online retailer with excellent credit facilities that helps customers buy what they need and spread payments.

They have more than 50 years of experience as a retailer and stock a vast range of products from the most prominent and most respected brands on the market.

Studio was founded in 1962 as a mail-order catalogue. They began selling paper goods before expanding to include essential household items, toys, books, jewellery, gifts, clothing, and much more.

What do they sell?

Studio sells thousands of items at competitive prices. You will be able to browse an extensive range of categories, including;

  • Home – Shop by room or product to find the best appliances, furnishings, furniture, and cleaning equipment for your home.

  • Garden – Make the most of your outside space with garden furniture, BBQs, sheds, storage, outdoor games for kids, lighting, and more.

  • Clothing – Studio has an extensive range of clothing for men, women, and children from the biggest brands, including Adidas, EA7, Vans, Puma, and more.

  • Electrical – Choose from an excellent selection of electrical goods at Studio, including kitchen appliances, home entertainment systems and TVs, phones, gaming PCs, gaming consoles, computer accessories, and laptops.

  • Toys – Find the perfect toys for kids of all ages with big franchises like Harry Potter and the Avengers at Studio.

  • Gifts & Jewellery – Studio has a great selection of gifts for men, women, and kids, making it much easier to browse for special occasions. Personalising jewellery is also a good option.

  • Health & Beauty – Find the most popular brands in the beauty and health care range, including hair care, aftershaves, perfume, moisturisers, and more.

  • Sports & Leisure – Keeping fit and active has never been easier thanks to the excellent selection of exercise equipment and sports products available at Studio.

What is the APR rate?

Representative 39.9% APR variable.

How to order

You will be able to shop and pay for items at Studio as you would with any other online store. Alternatively, you can apply for a credit facility at the point of purchase.

How to obtain credit

Applying for credit with Studio is straightforward, and the application process can be completed at the checkout.

What are the payment terms?

Spread your payments over the terms agreed at the checkout. There are also interest-free options that allow the opportunity to clear the balance over 3, 6, and 9 months to avoid interest charges.

Can I Pay Weekly For Laptops?

Buying a new laptop can be expensive, so having the opportunity to spread the payment can make it a more manageable purchase. Paying weekly helps to spread the cost over a set term at an affordable rate.

Can I Pay Monthly For Laptops?

Much like paying weekly, paying a monthly amount for new laptops is an option that makes it more affordable for customers. Monthly payments can make it easier for customers to keep on top of their finances, especially if they are paid monthly.

Can I Buy A Laptop Now Pay Later?

Buy now pay later options often offer the customer a term where the balance must be cleared by. Typically this term will offer interest-free credit, with an agreement in place that interest will be added if the balance isn't cleared by the agreed date.

This gives the customer more freedom as to when and how much they pay towards an item but can result in expensive interest charges if the balance is not cleared.

Are There No Credit Check Options Available?

If a company offers its own credit facilities, it may not carry out credit checks.

What If I Have Bad Credit?

Finding no credit check companies is a good option for people with poor credit. External options like Klarna and PayPal credit might also be worth exploring.

Are Rent-To-Own Options Available?

Rent-to-own options only transfer the ownership of a product when the item has been paid in full. There are rent-to-own options available for buying laptops.

Can I Apply For Finance?

You must be over 18 to apply for credit, and in many cases, you must be permanent UK residents for a set period. An affordability assessment might also be required to obtain credit.