Beds: Pay Weekly, Pay Monthly & Bad Credit Options

Beds can have a far more profound effect on our lives than what we give them credit for. Sleeping on a worn-out old bed and mattress can give you a really poor night's sleep, leave you with back pain and fatigue, and may make you feel irritable the next day.

Having a great night's sleep or a good night's sleep, on the other hand, can leave you feeling rested, happy, and ready to tackle the day. Unfortunately, while everyone would like to have a good night's sleep, quality beds and mattresses do not come cheap if you want to purchase one outright.

Purchasing anything expensive in one large lump sum is, thankfully, no longer commonplace, which means there are multiple options out there for those who want to buy appliances and furniture without needing to empty their bank accounts.

You will, therefore, be able to have a good night's sleep on a new bed and mattress without the stress of money keeping you up all night! There are multiple rent, rent-to-own, and financing options available for customers who want beds they will be able to afford.

Below we will discuss all of the different options available to consumers when they want to purchase a new bed or mattress that will give them a restful night of sleep.

Can I Pay Weekly For Beds?

Thankfully, there are a wide variety of stores and online retailers that give consumers the option to pay for beds and mattresses on a weekly basis.

Whether this means renting, renting-to-own, or receiving finance and paying your bed or mattress back in instalments. Some of the stores that offer this include Pay Per Week, Pay Weekly Carpets, Pay It Weekly Now, Easy2Pay, Pay Weekly World, HomeSmile, and Studio.

These stores give consumers the ability to receive a bed if they pay weekly instalments, which can make one far easier to afford.

However, while paying weekly for a bed can make it easier to afford in the short term, you will end up paying far more for a bed in the long run, this way, due to interest being added to your weekly payments.

Missing a payment can also cause you to have to pay late fees, which run the cost up even further, so you should always ensure you have enough money in your bank account to afford your weekly payment.

Can I Pay Monthly For Beds?

Paying weekly for items like beds can sometimes be a hassle, so some customers instead prefer to pay monthly, as your payment can come off of your account as soon as you receive your salary, so you can get payment out of the way.

There are still quite a few online retailers and stores that support this option, thankfully, so you won't struggle to find a store that lets you pay monthly for a bed.

One of the benefits of paying monthly for a bed is the fact that you can choose the right mattress and bed frame for you and not one that just suits your budget.

Unfortunately, as with paying weekly for a bed, you will end up paying more than the standard purchase price of a bed by paying for it monthly due to interest being added to each monthly payment.

Paying monthly will, however, ensure that you pay less interest than if you were to pay weekly. Late fees will also still apply to you if you decide to pay monthly for a bed and end up missing a payment.

Can I Buy A Bed Now And Pay Later?

There is various buy now, pay later options when it comes to buying beds, which will allow you to get a great night's sleep for a while before a cent even leaves your account.

This is great for consumers that might urgently need a bed but do not have the capital to purchase one right there and then. This can give consumers just enough time for their pay cheques to come in.

Consumers should, however, be careful when purchasing items using this method, as if you don't pay for the item in the allotted time, you can be subjected to exceptionally high-interest rates.

Are There No Credit Check Options Available?

While there are fewer stores that offer consumers no credit check options, there are still stores and online retailers that support this practice.

Some of these stores may only conduct a soft credit check, which means that even if your credit is not the greatest, you may still be able to receive credit for a bed that you want.

Soft credit checks are generally there to ensure the customer trying to buy something on credit has at least not declared bankruptcy or has other serious liquidity issues.

What If I Have Bad Credit?

Having bad credit will significantly reduce the number of stores that will sell you a bed on credit; however, there will still be a few stores that will be willing to sell you beds if you have bad credit.

Buying a bed or any other item on credit from these stores can help you to improve your credit rating, so you can get back on the right track towards getting a good credit score again.

Are Rent-To-Own Options Available?

Hire purchase, or rent-to-own online retailers and stores have become relatively common over the years, so there should be a good number of them for consumers to choose from.

One of the drawbacks of rent-to-own plans is the fact that they can often cause you to pay higher interest than many of the other options available.

One of the upsides of rent-to-own plans, when compared with companies that only allow you to rent, is the fact that at the end of your contract, ownership will be transferred into your name so that you will be the owner of the bed in this case.

Can I Apply For Finance?

If a consumer has good credit and the means to pay for an item they wish to finance, then they should easily be able to receive finance for any item that they want.

There will, however, be some other criteria that will need to be met before your finance is approved. Some of these criteria include the fact that the person that wants to apply for finance must be over 18, must have lived in the United Kingdom for a specified time frame, and must be able to provide proof that they will be able to afford the price of their instalments.

Stores To Buy Beds On Credit?


Who they are?

Easy2Pay is an online retailer that offers no credit check solutions to customers looking to pay for furniture items in bite-sized instalments.

What do they sell?

Easy2Pay specialises in selling furniture, such as beds, a single bed or double bed, and various bed sizes; they can find you the perfect bed, bed frames, mattress lifts, dressers, sofa beds, sofas, coffee tables, and dining room tables.

They also sell and install blinds and flooring like carpets, vinyl and laminate flooring.

What is the APR rate?

Easy2Pay actually offers customers an interest-free credit repayment plan, which effectively means that their APR rate is set at 0%!

How to order?

Ordering from Easy2Pay is extremely easy, as you only need to fill in your details after selecting the bed you want, after which you will be contacted via email or phone to confirm your order and finalise your credit information.

How to obtain credit

Easy2Pay does not perform any credit checks, so while there may be a few other hoops to jump through, your credit status will not matter all that much.

What are the payment terms?

Payments can be made weekly, fortnightly, or even monthly, depending on the preference of the customer purchasing the bed.

Pay Weekly World

Who they are?

Pay Weekly World is an online retailer that gives consumers the option to pay for their products in instalments.

While Pay Weekly World specialises in electronics, they also sell furniture.

What do they Sell?

Pay Weekly World sells TVs, TV accessories, laptops, beds, sofa beds, mattresses, fridge freezers, sofas, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, cookers, laundry appliances, and gardening equipment.

What is the APR rate?

Pay Weekly World has an APR rate of 63.4%.

How to order?

To order from Pay Weekly World, you need to select the item that you want to purchase, add it to your basket, and click on apply to apply for credit.

How to obtain credit?

To receive credit from Pay Weekly World, you need to be within the company's coverage area. You can find this out by entering your postal code on the website.

After entering the rest of your details, you will be contacted by Pay Weekly World so that the company can arrange a time for you to complete the rest of the application process.

You will need to provide the company with your mortgage or tenancy agreement to receive credit, but you will be unable to receive credit if you have declared bankruptcy or have an IVA or a DRO.

What are the payment terms?

You can pay on a monthly, weekly, or even fortnightly basis, depending on your preference.

Pay It Weekly Now

Who they are?

Pay It Weekly Now is an online retailer that specialises in beds but also offers some other types of products. The company also offers no credit checks.

What do they sell?

Pay It Weekly Now sells beds, furniture, and electrical goods.

What is the APR rate?

Pay It Weekly Now offers interest-free payments, so there is technically no APR rate whatsoever.

How to order?

While Pay It Weekly Now offers no interest or credit checks, ordering from them is a little different than with some other retailers.

After choosing your product, you will need to pay £29.99 upfront to reserve your item and confirm the order, then, after making four weekly payments, your delivery will be arranged, and you can receive your product.

How to obtain credit?

Pay It Weekly Now does not perform any credit checks, so nearly all customers will be eligible to receive credit.

What are the payment terms?

Pay It Weekly Now only gives consumers the opportunity to pay for goods on a weekly basis due to how ordering works with the company.

Pay Per Week

Who they are?

Pay Per Week is an online retailer that specialises in goods for the home and also does not perform any credit checks, so it will be great for those with bad credit.

What do they sell?

Pay Per Week sells beds, sofas, furniture, and garden furniture and also sells and installs flooring such as carpeting.

What is the APR rate?

Pay Per Week does not charge its customers any interest, so its APR rate is effectively 0%.

How to order

To order from Pay Per Week, you need to fill in an online application form, and then a member of the sales team will give you a call to discuss your account.

You will then need to pay a deposit, and after this, your delivery should be scheduled.

How to obtain credit?

Pay Per Week does not perform any credit checks, so nearly all customers will be eligible for credit.

What are the payment terms?

You will pay for items from Pay Per Week on a weekly basis.

Pay Weekly Carpets

Who they are?

Pay Weekly Carpets is the biggest pay weekly flooring company in England, but they also sell a variety of other products.

What do they sell?

Pay Weekly Carpets sells flooring, blinds, and furniture like beds, mattresses, and sofas.

What is the APR rate?

Pay Weekly Carpets has a 0% APR rate.

How to order?

Once you choose the item you want and pay eight weeks of your monthly instalments, you can arrange your delivery.

How to obtain credit?

Pay Weekly Carpets does not perform credit checks, so credit will be available for nearly all consumers.

What are the payment terms?

Pay Weekly Carpets requires customers to pay for items weekly.