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Making use of catalogues for bad credit is a great solution for people in the UK who have a lot of credit woes. It’s a great way to shop and regain some of the freedom that these people once enjoyed when their credit records were pretty good. It’s also a pretty good way to demonstrate good faith and to get the user’s good name up in the limelight once again.

Everyone knows that times are harder nowadays than they were ten years ago. This also means that credit, that is good credit to be exact, is pretty hard to get. Bad credit is often frowned upon by dealers, merchants, and other businesses. Sometimes even the slightest taint is enough to turn people off.

Bad credit catalogues to the rescue!

One way or another, consumers who have tainted credit histories need to demonstrate change. They need to show everyone that they have learned from previous mistakes and can now honestly pay what they owe. Today’s financial system has a bit of a paradox. Those who have made such poor decisions are afforded very little opportunity to demonstrate that they have made the needed adjustments to get back into any dealer’s good graces.

The good news however, comes in the form of catalogues for people who have bad credit. UK shopping has become quite amiable for such people once again. The business owners who run these shopping portals are more lenient, which is a good opportunity for anyone who needs to repair their credit. This website provides information on a variety of catalogue companies who can help those with bad credit history who are struggling to get accepted for finance.

Of course, when you look at the options provided by such catalogues, don’t expect to be handed a high credit limit. These people may be a bit more lenient, but they too are looking after every shilling. Customers who sign up for these shopping options should notice that they will be given a low credit limit upon registration.

That shouldn’t get anyone bogged down – at least they allowed you to use some credit. The secret to using these kinds of catalogues is to have a good payment track record. Think of them as a temporary option that will allow better credit to come along. Take note that the user’s credit limit will increase after making a good payment record.

Advantages of shopping with bad credit catalogues

There are several advantages that can be mentioned about these catalogues. First off, (as mentioned earlier) it allows people with poor credit to still purchase and shop like they used to albeit to a rather smaller scale that is. At least these shoppers will still get some sort of semblance of their previous lifestyles. It’s also a great way to repair one’s good name.

There are other benefits that people can garner from these catalogues, of course. It is very easy to acquire an account with these catalogues. The application requirements aren’t that strict and anyone who is over the age of 18 can sign up for an account. Another good thing about it is the fact that getting a personal account is totally free.

Purchases that users make automatically get recorded in their credit history. This means that they are already helping themselves get better credit with each purchase and eventual payment they make. Balances can be cleared by using several payment methods such as bank wire or even through cash payments, among others. This is actually a piece of convenience that people with bad credit histories in the UK can take advantage of.

Monthly statements will be issued to account holders so they can track their spending, payments made, and any balances that have not yet been cleared. Another interesting shopping opportunity is in the form of exclusive bargains that are provided for such customers. Certain items are made more affordable to such people seeking to repair their credit, an added bonus provided by the owners of these catalogues.

Taking advantage of the opportunity

The ideal cycle for people with bad credit should go like this: purchases are made on credit, payments are completed, good marks on one’s credit history are made, and users get higher credit limits. If everything goes well then users are on their way to better shopping opportunities. Of course, that is not always the case, a subject we’ll go into a little later when we deal with the disadvantages.

Take note that the said cycle is a gradual process. Users shouldn’t expect to get their credit history fixed in record time. The best course is to take advantage of every opportunity afforded to you and prove that you are a good payer.

Downsides of bad credit catalogues

There is only one particular downside that people can find with these catalogues. Notice that many of them will give a credit limit of around 1,500 pounds (some provide higher or lower limits depending on the catalogue). Some users and concerned individuals have mentioned that this may be a bit alarming.

Such an amount may seem too much for a person who can’t manage his own money. Anyone can hold an account in more than one catalogue. 1,500 pounds may seem small for some but if you combine that with similar limits from other catalogues, then you’re looking at a pretty huge bill at the end of the month.

People with bad credit should look at these catalogues as a way to apply for better financing in the future. Such people should take advantage of the higher acceptance rates of these catalogues, that is a given. However, they should not abuse the opportunity.

What are the catalogue options?

There are a lot of catalogues that people can choose from. There are buy now pay later catalogues and there are monthly payment catalogues among others. Some of the trusted online shopping catalogues for people in the UK with bad credit include Littlewoods, Marshallward, House of Bath, Boden, Isme, La Redoute, Freemans, Simply Be, Fifty Plus, and High and Mighty.

Take note that there are more online shopping catalogues to choose from than the ones mentioned here. Each of these catalogue companies in the UK have something unique to offer. A final word: remember that bad credit catalogues are a means to get better future financing. Use them as they are and get better opportunities when your credit gets back up on its feet.