This write-up has been put together for individuals looking to sue credit catalogues but without a healthy credit rating. There are several catalogues today that will conduct a thorough credit check before approving your application.

Some of the criteria you will have to meet for using catalogue credit offered by these providers include:

The above information makes it clear that it’s unlikely that you would get accepted if your credit score is low. Even if you manage to get an approval, the amount offered as credit would be significantly low. All these happen primarily because companies offering catalogues see people with poor credit as threats to them.

They believe that offering credits to those individuals will leave them at higher risk of not getting payments on time. This automatically stops those providers from offering additional benefits along with the credit amount.

The majority of these credit catalogues will not come up with a zero interest offer; you can expect such offers only if you are someone with an above average credit history.

The above facts must have left you wondering how people with bad credit would manage to gain access to a credit catalogue. It’s simple; they would need to opt for instant approval catalogues.

These are catalogues that would offer you the best offers irrespective of the fact whether you have a good credit or bad credit. In addition, it would also not take into account your monthly income.

To put it more bluntly, getting quick approval would be an absolute cakewalk for you.

How to apply?

The process is easy. To open a personal account, you will need to visit the provider’s official website and fill out a form with basic information like you name, contact information, bank account details etc. Expect the application to be approved almost instantly.

How can an instant approval catalogue help you to improve your credit ratings and enjoy discounts?

The moment your account would be ready, the catalogue company would be informing various credit reference agencies about the event. This means, the agencies would start monitoring the account’s activity from that very moment. The provider would also inform them about the credit limit they have offered you.

What’s more, every month, they would be reporting back to the agencies telling them whether you are paying back on time or not. Making timely payments will automatically improve your credit score.

Having a better credit score is not the only benefit you will be enjoying by making timely repayments every month.

The good habit will also result in an increase in your credit limit sooner or later. A high credit limit and a good credit score would make you eligible for a host of attractive offers.

These include discounts on certain purchases. However, you must remember that missing payments, on the other hand, can cause serious damage to your credit ratings.

The damage would be small if you miss just a single repayment; however, if you keep missing payments, the damage caused to your credit rating would be immense and you may need years for repairing that dent. You cannot expect a rise in your credit limit and lucrative discounts on purchases even if you make late payments.

Late payments have also been found to affect an individual’s credit score considerably. Another way of earning good discounts and offers is by placing frequent orders. However, here also, making payments on time is extremely crucial. If the company sees that you are using the catalogue regularly and making the payments diligently, it would automatically greet you with really attractive offers.

These may include a discount on your monthly bill or a price drop on your favorite products. Last, but not the least, regular use and timely payments would also lift up the credit limit you were originally sanctioned by the company.

High credit limits come with both merits and demerits You must be wondering how having a high credit limit can be disadvantageous?

Let us explain.

Suppose you are not purchasing anything via your catalogue and have zero balance. Such situation can cause issues for you if the credit limit was too high. If you apply for a regular credit card under the above circumstances, the provider might refuse to offer you a good credit limit on the card and use your catalogue’s high credit limit as the cause of the denial.

So, if you are looking to have a good limit on your new credit card but have a zero balance catalogue with high credit limit, it would be a wise decision to close the catalogue before applying for the card. If that’s not possible, at least request the provider to reduce your catalogue’s credit limit.

Here, we would like to mention that under regular circumstances i.e. if there’s enough balance on your credit catalogue, getting a credit card approved would become much easier for you. In fact, having high credit limit on the catalogue would make the process of approval even smoother.

What’s more, your loan applications would also be approved quickly and in an absolutely hassle free manner. It’s crucial that you remember that a credit catalogue would not start helping you in getting discounts and offers and improving your credit rating overnight.

For getting offers, you will have to use the catalogue for at least a few weeks. For seeing improvement in your credit rating, on the other hand, you may need to wait for months or even years depending on how bad your credit rating is. To conclude, we would suggest you to get the catalogue from a reputable provider.

This would make your chances of having a better credit rating much higher. That’s because credit reference agencies tend to have greater faith in reputable providers.